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Last HOPE Vet

Dare to Believe...

When you have been told ...
there is no hope using conventional treatment, or
the  options on offer are unviable or impractical, and
have very little chance of success, and/or
have a very poor long term prognosis ...

... then maybe I can bring HOPE ...?

Only by thinking and working outside "the box" is it possible to achieve a result that is considered impossible using inside the box thinking... Find out more

Last HOPE Vet

Roger Meacock MRCVS has been treating so-called "lost cause" animals for over 20 years using a variety of techniques and products that he has gathered together from all over the world.

Roger's approach is simple in theory but it takes his considerable experience and knowledge of working outside the proverbial box to put everything together for the best approach in individual cases.

When you're being given no, or very little hope using conventional approaches, what have you got to lose by making an appointment with Roger to get his honest appraisal and opinion of the situation?

The Natural Approach

Contrary to what we're led to believe by mainstream veterinary medicine, there are a number of natural products that have both scientific rationale and efficacy in treating serious illnesses including auto-immune disease and cancer.

There are a number of very good reasons why such natural product haven't gone through the regular licencing process.


  1. Licensing is very expensive and if a natural product isn't patentable in some way then there is no way of stopping everybody else jumping on your expensive bandwagon before you've had time to recoup your costs.
  2. Licencing inevitably requires animal experimentation which many people involved in natural healing have no desire to participate in.
  3. Even if a licence was successfully obtained, there is no guarantee that your product would be used in preference to existing established products that are backed by considerable budgets that ensure their market position is maintained.

Roger has considerable knowledge of a number of treatment options that when combined together can potentially offer a higher chance of success.

How Roger works is NOT recognised by the RCVS or mainstream veterinary medicine. If you are not happy for such treatments or products to be used then please leave the website and DO NOT engage Roger's services. 

Full Ts & Cs can be accessed via the link in the footer.

Balancing Health

Health is never absolute. Every body is always in a dynamic state of flux as it must continually adapt to the ever changing environment in which it lives.

When the environment of the body favours normal function, the result is health.

When the body fails to fully adapt to its surroundings and normal function is disturbed, then disease results.

The more serious the imbalance and the greater the disturbance, the more serious is the disease.

The more aggressive the disease, the stronger and more fundamental the treatment must be in order to achieve a return to health.

Serious Disease

Whilst the seriousness of a diagnosis cannot be under-estimated or dismissed, it isn't necessarily the end of the road in the way it is often portrayed.

Modern medicines are often directed at reducing symptoms - eg anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, anti-virals etc instead of recognising that there is always an underlying cause of the disease that is often rooted in chronic inflammation and suppressed immunity, allowing infection or cancer cells etc to become established.  Likewise in auto-immune disease, the immune system reacts against the body's own cells for a reason....

If disease is to have any chance of being truly reversed rather than suppressed, then the root cause must be identified and addressed.  If the cause can be corrected at a speed greater than it causes the body to deteriorate then health can be recovered. Even if a disease cannot be reversed it is usually possible for it to be significantly slowed without losing quality of life.

Adding an additional toxic load to the system in the form of chemotherapy, radiation and other aggressive approaches frequently give temporary respite only and often reduce the quality of life concurrently.  In the worst cases they can hasten the deterioration.

Your Appointment

During your appointment, which may be by Zoom initially, Roger will give you a no-nonsense appraisal of whether he can help, and how much hope there might be.  When it comes to serious illnesses there is always individual variation in response to take into consideration, as no two cases are identical.

All treatment of any condition is playing the percentage game. Anybody who tells you differently doesn't fully understand what they're doing.  There can be no guarantees of success although Roger's approach is designed to shift the balance of probability towards a successful outcome.

The overall aim is to restore the internal environment of the body to its optimum for normal functioning.

For conditions where conventionally there is frequently little/no chance of success, a different approach working outside the box is the only way to offer hope.  As Albert Einstein said, "The definition of madness is to do the same thing and expect a different result"

You have to dare to be different...

Ongoing Treatment

Once you have had an initial consultation you will be given access to the Client only Area where you can read up and remind yourself about the different products Roger will have spoken about. You can also re-order whatever has been chosen for treatment.

Unfortunately, due to limitations placed on product descriptions and claims for products without a UK Authorisation Number by the Veterinary Medicines Directive, Roger is unable to provide more information here in the public area of the website.

These products have been discovered and/or developed by some of the top scientists in their field and in many cases have a history of successfully treating serious illnesses.

Animals that have survived don't care if their survival is considered anecdotal - they're just happy to live in the moment and enjoy life to the best of their ability!!

Given only 2 weeks to live...

Diagnosed with "untreatable" liver cancer,  secondary lung cancer and pneumonia

In April 2010, Casper's owner came to Roger for help in a supposedly no-hope situation and with little time to live according to his prognosis.  Using a combination of supplements, diet and resilience from Casper, he pulled through and died of old age at 14 yo nearly 3 years after he was diagnosed.

Roger now has even better options available to him that he didn't know about then and that weren't available at the time. Whilst it is impossible to claim that every case will respond as well as Casper, where there's life there's HOPE ...

Have a Consultation

Have a Consultation Maybe not all hope is lost...

This product is licensed in Hungary for treating animals that have been diagnosed with serious disease. Roger can prescribe this under Cascade rules having had a consultation to make sure it is appropriate.

Roger treats

Roger treats "untreatable" horses too! Bertie wasn't supposed to survive Grass Sickness

Following treatment and lots of hard work by his owner, Bertie made a good recovery and made an appearance on the Grass Sickness Fund stand at a local Show.

Roger has saved many horses from unnecessary PSD and other lameness-associated surgery too.

Holistic Overview

Holistic Overview Every interaction is important

The Holistic perspective takes all factors into consideration including diet, environment and lifestyle factors.

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